About The Organisation

Pinpointing what makes Bristol so special and original isn’t easy. It’s a combination of many things, from the people to the place itself. But at the heart of it all is our cultural diversity and independent spirit.

Ninety one different languages are spoken here, and Bristol often ranks as one of the happiest, creative places to live for its wealth of culture, friendliness, and accessibility. However, like all cities, we have our challenges. There are long-standing social and economic inequalities, plus the challenge of a growing population and ecological and climate emergencies, which together with our partners, we’re working hard to resolve.

As a council, we are transforming to better empower people and communities. We develop people, places, and partnerships to improve outcomes. We deliver quality public services while releasing the expertise and resources of empowered communities, individuals, community groups and city partners to help shape and deliver city priorities. This means we can help increase independence in a positive way which reduces the demand for our services. Above all, these opportunities are about creating a city of hope and aspiration – where everyone can share in its success.

Bristol is a place with limitless potential. We’re looking for candidates who share our ambition and relentless drive to make the city, and the council a success. Our leadership team embody our values, inspire their teams, and help shape and connect the city – improving thousands of lives in the process. Join us and be part of our future story.

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